"We are aware that perfection requires commitment and attention to detail, and that is why every product we offer is the result of a two-generation experience. "

Real hair extensions: a journey spanning two generations

Miss Luxury Hair is a company founded in Milan in 2019 by sisters and cousins Sergine Roussel Ngo, Claire Essoa, and Louise Michelle Passera.

These women, united by their family bond and passion, decided to renew the family business founded by Françoise Ngo. Thanks to their dedication and experience, Miss Luxury Hair has become a benchmark in the world of real hair extensions and wigs, offering its customers high-quality products along with personalized services.

The renowned quality of the products offered by the Miss Luxury Hair brand is the result of the pioneering work of Françoise Ngo, founder of the original company, with over 20 years of experience. Through her numerous trips exploring the main hair sales markets, Françoise has established privileged relationships with the best virgin hair suppliers in India, personally overseeing every stage of the production process.

This attention to detail and quality has also been passed down to the new generation, which continues to offer only the best products.

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Quality and innovation


At Miss Luxury Hair, quality and innovation have always been at the center of our attention.

We have invested in extensive market research to find niche raw material suppliers from countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, and Eastern Europe.

Thanks to this attention to hair sourcing, we can select only the best untreated hair, avoiding bleaching processes and ensuring superior quality and better yield of the final product.

In this way, we can offer our customers only the highest quality products and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Our company is committed to carefully selecting the best suppliers, favoring those who do not use silicones or chemical additives, and who respect the rights of local communities.

Hair donation traceability is a fundamental requirement in choosing raw materials, in line with our brand philosophy.

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At MLH, quality is an indispensable value in all our processes.


Our commitment to quality begins with the selection of suppliers who adhere to our ethical and environmental standards. Subsequently, we require health clearance from the Ministry of Health for hair importation, to ensure that they meet legal requirements and are healthy at the time of collection.

After the selection and sanitization process, the real hair arrives at Miss Luxury Hair’s laboratories in Milan, where the production team, made up of expert tailors and hair stylists, works with dedication and passion to create unique and true works of art with real hair.

From the packaging process of a dress, we have managed to migrate these skills to hair production and processing, with the task of sewing hair wefts onto fabrics such as lace, velvet, and satin.

Each product is made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers. Our attention to quality has allowed us to develop solid relationships with strategic partners in Milan and throughout Italy, confirming our commitment to excellence.

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Craftsmanship and made in Italy

At MLH, we rely on highly specialized Italian tailors, selected and trained by the company to become spokespersons of Italian tailoring excellence.

Thanks to their expertise and attention to detail, we can guarantee our customers a top-quality artisanal product, made with the best materials on the market. Each product is carefully crafted, ensuring a perfect result and total customer satisfaction.

Our brand stands out for its transparency in the production chain, guaranteeing the highest quality of our handmade products. Thanks to the refined processing method, the hair is assembled and sewn carefully onto a fabric weft, ensuring a quality above average. Our attention to quality and craftsmanship is reflected in our original production processes and care for detail, all exclusively made in Italy.

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Our products

Our real hair extensions are made with highly breathable fabrics, carefully selected to reflect the aesthetic values of our brand. Our weave or clip-in hair extensions are custom-made to ensure a stunning result. Each individual strip is skillfully assembled to incorporate an abundant amount of hair, creating a filling effect that gives a natural and harmonious appearance to the hair.

Our wigs are the result of a highly specialized artisanal process, which involves sewing each individual hair onto a custom-cut transparent tulle weft, using the monofilament technique.

Our ponytails represent the pinnacle of artisanal quality. They are made with a lace base on which the weave hair extensions are sewn, ensuring a natural and harmonious effect. To add a touch of charm, a velvet weft is then added, giving an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

All colors and shades are gradually hand-made by specialized hair colorists, using only natural products and professional, precise coloring techniques.

Our target audience


Our range of high-quality products has been specifically designed to meet the needs of fashion and entertainment professionals seeking the highest level of performance and style.

At Miss Luxury Hair, we are aware of the importance of offering a high-quality product that not only meets the needs of our customers but also exceeds them.

Furthermore, we also guarantee on-set assistance for the application of our products, ensuring that the final result is always perfect. We offer top-level training courses for salons looking to cater to the most demanding clientele.

Among our clients are some of the most prestigious salons worldwide, located in boutique hotels and major cities. These salons boast a niche clientele that is always looking for the best in beauty and hair care services.

Our products have been specifically created to meet the needs of all women who seek a made in Italy brand that represents high-quality standards. We know that every woman wants to be the best version of herself, and our products have been designed to help achieve this goal.

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