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Real hair extensions for a star look 


Our range of professional extensions offers a wide selection of colours, lengths and application methods, including micro ring extensions, keratin extensions, weave extensions or tape-in extensions. 

To ensure that your product looks flawless and is long-lasting, all our extensions are made using virgin hair with intact cuticles that has not been chemically treated. 

MLH professional hair extensions are available from the best hairdressing salons in Italy. 


Weft extensions 


These extensions consist of 120g of loose, double-edged hair. The double drawn process involves manually removing shorter hair and replacing it with hair of the same length to ensure full and voluminous hair from root to tip. Resistant to both washing and styling, these extensions will not get tangled and will last for a long time, allowing different applications by a hair stylist through the weaving system. 


Clip-in extensions 


Clip-in extensions allow you to experiment with your hair easily and quickly, adding volume, length, or special effects to your locks with a completely natural result. As they can be applied so quickly, they can be fitted without a hairdresser, allowing you to create the look of your dreams in just a few minutes. 


Micro Ring 


The micro ring system allows a hairdresser to apply the extensions using special hypoallergenic copper rings, without the use of adhesive substances. Cold application makes it easy to attach and remove the extensions and reuse them several times. 


Tape-in extensions 


These professional extensions are suitable for anyone looking to modify their hairstyle frequently. Made with an ultra-slim polyurethane strip, they are positioned directly on the root of the hair and are resistant to washing and brushing for up to 6-8 weeks. 

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