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Training for hair extensions applications

In 2019 we created the MLH Academy, a top-class training centre, that gives to the attendees, the chance to learn all the application techniques and secrets, of the world of wigs and extensions.

The classes have a limited number of participants and take place or in exclusive locations in Milan or 1 to 1 on Zoom; in order to allow the teachers to train attendees as best they can and to stimulate creativity.

Our Academy is a reference point, both in terms of the high level of skills that participants can acquire, and in terms of the unique expertise of our trainers.

The Miss Luxury Hair Academy gives to hair stylists the skills, expertise, and experience they need, allowing them to work independently and at an advanced level, giving the support and attention that the clients needs, on wigs and extensions, as well as applying them.

Maximum results and drastic cost reduction. You will learn to carry out and manage the individual techniques independently, to meet your clients’s requirements: from length to volume, and how to understand, evaluate and manage all the various elements, from selecting the best technique based on the type of hair, to the use of the most suitable tools.

Proper management of suppliers. The more knowledge you have on the subject, the more competently you can analyse results, understand any problems that arise, find the right solution, manage the suppliers involved by choosing the ones that are most suitable.

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Miss Luxury Hair training courses 

Advanced course for the application, cutting, colouring, and maintenance of wigs: advanced application techniques, head measurement, illustration of the various options available on the market, hair quality, the tools needed for application, fashion effects and maintenance. 

Advanced course for the application, cutting, colouring and maintenance of weave extensions and the Brazilian extension technique: advanced techniques for correct positioning, how to weave (the base upon which extensions are applied), sewing techniques, the tools required for application, hair quality, fashion effects and maintenance. 

Advanced course for the application and maintenance of keratin extensions, micro ring extensions, and tape-in extensions: advanced techniques for correct positioning, the tools needed for application, hair quality and maintenance. 

Advanced course for hair weaving techniques: from basic weaving techniques to more advanced ones. This course aims to apply specific knowledge of weaving, from the most classic looks to the most technical and creative. 

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