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Real hair wigs made by hand 


Our real hair wigs are handmade using only Remy quality virgin hair: the most superior hair on the market. The absence of chemical treatments preserves the shine and softness of the hair, and maintenance of the root-tip direction ensures the integrity of the cuticles, allowing the individual hairs to slide over each other without becoming tangled. 

Depigmentation and colouring treatments are carried out in a gradual and gentle way and using only natural products, resulting in a product of exceptional quality that will last for a long time. 


An impeccable look with unbeatable comfort 


Our wig caps are made entirely by hand using Italian or French lace to guarantee maximum comfort and the best fit while also permitting skin transpiration. 

Perfect for ensuring that you look your best for every occasion and allowing you to play with different styles and colours, Miss Luxury Hair wigs reflect the fashion trends of the moment. 

wig with natural hair
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