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MLH Miss Luxury Hair was born out of the passion of three sisters for the world of hair styling.

From an early age, Claire, Roussell, and Michelle enjoyed cutting and colouring their dolls’ hair, creating different styles and cuts. Later on, they had the chance to practice in their mother’s hair extension salon.

When they reached adulthood, the three sisters realised that they shared a common dream: that of creating their own entrepreneurial project, motivated by the determination and courage they had inherited from the women in their family.

Clair, a hair stylist who specialises in the application of extensions and wigs and has more than 10 years of experience, has worked with renowned fashion brands during global events such as Milan Fashion Week.

Since 2014 she has taught the most innovative colouring techniques (such as Shatush and Balayage).

Roussell and Michelle worked hard to gain a wide knowledge of the main web marketing strategies. Together they decided to make the most of the various professional skills they had acquired by founding Miss Luxury Hair, a brand dedicated to all women who – like them – have the courage to pursue their dreams and express themselves.

Miss Luxury Hair products are handcrafted using raw materials of superior quality and in line with strict manufacturing criteria.

They offer every woman the chance to change her look easily and without damaging her hair, expressing all the nuances of her personality.

mlh miss luxury hair
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