An essential accessory for your hairstyles 


The Miss Luxury Hair real hair ponytail is the perfect accessory for creating flawless and elegant ponytails. 

Made entirely by hand using virgin hair, it blends in naturally with your own hair and can be heat-styled or straightened to create the look of your choice.


A natural effect with unique comfort 


The special lace weave imitates the appearance of hair roots to create an extremely natural effect, while the elasticated base allows the ponytail extension to blend perfectly with your own ponytail when it is fitted. 

The teeth of the hair grip are covered with a layer of silicone to ensure maximum comfort while the fabric strip with Velcro guarantees practical and long-lasting application. 


The perfect versatile look: from morning to evening 


A ponytail extension is an essential accessory for styling your hair in a simple and sophisticated way, and its natural composition allows you to achieve a stunning result. 

ponytail mlh
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