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Hair trend Moschino fashion show 2020

The imagination of the creative director, Jeremy Scott takes us to the court of Versailles. In the air there is a smell of sweets and macarons and it almost seems to be on the set of Marie Antoniette, the film by Sofia Coppola, shot in 2006.

Well, in fact we are at the Milan Fashion Week, for the presentation of the fall-winter 2020- 21 collection by Moschino.

Invitation cake for the fashion show
The official invitation of the show? A candy pink cake with whipped cream

The Inspo for the hair fashion trend of Jeremy Scott

The golden crunchy of a freshly baked baguette, carried strictly under the arm. Cream curls, sugar paste roses, pistachio creams and rhubarb on the fabrics to garnish dresses in a cake shape.

A bakery imaginary that Jeremy Scott carried on Moschino’s catwalk.

Contemporary ladies with cake-shaped dresses
The contemporary ladies of Moschino with dresses in the shape of a cake

Among the top models who ride the catwalk, with very short and structured dresses, extra volumes and pastel shades, there are: Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Bella Hadid and Irina Shayk, in a thousand versions of a contemporary Marie Antoinette.

Top model catwalk Moschino 2020
Backstage fashion show Moschino

The real show is in the backstage, where our underground ladies get pretty and the hair magic begins.

The wigs hide weeks of preparation and are work of the hair stylist Paul Hanlon: The inspiration of Moschino for this season is Marie Antoinette and the ‘700. The hair looks are characterized by extreme and very high volumes. Together with Jeremy Scott we took inspiration from the colors of the macarons, making everything a bit more punk»

wig cakes
wig cakes

How was created this hair fashion trend?

To recreate this eighteenth-century hair fashion trend, they used, just as it happens for the preparation of layered cakes, a conical structure inside the hair.

With the hair dryer then they realized precise and compact waves, while with the iron, soft curves defined the curls.

Hair trend Moschino fashion show 2020
Extra volume and waves of the eighteenth century at the court of France: hair trend fashion show Moschino 2020

To make the look even more baroque and scenic were prepared extensions with roll curler effect then applied to the wigs.

The hairstylists began many days before to prepare the wigs with real hair.

Kaia Gerber Moschino 2020
Kaia Gerber Moschino 2020
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