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Celebrities wearing wigs on set

Which of our favorite celebrities has never used wigs on set or not? It’s simple, none. The wigs allow us to completely change our hair look, without any kind of invasive intervention on our hair. Just a few simple steps.

We all like to change, but it would be impossible to satisfy all our forbidden dreams in the field of hair style. Well, the wig is the practical and versatile solution to solve all our problems, and that’s why celebrities can’t live without it.

Wigs on Kylie Jenner sets

grinch collection Kylie Jenner wig

She loves to show off wigs on many occasions, from the Met Gala, to the set for the launch of her new collections, to surprise her fans on Instagram, she loves super luxurious and colorful wigs, to not going unnoticed. Obviously.

Nicky Minaj: wigs on set

nicky Minaj fluo wig

The undisputed queen of wigs, she is the one who dictates the rules and that always surprises everyone with the cuts and the most crazy and brilliant colors. From the set of the most hype videoclips, to the photo shoots and live shows. She doesn’t stop being a trend absolutely to imitate.

Beyoncè and wigs on set

Beyonce live show wig

Another queen, but in a different realm. She loves to show off wigs, but doesn’t let any clues leak. You never know when he’s wearing it, or when he’s not wearing it, leaving everyone with the benefit of the doubt. In any case, to withstand all her energy and movement, it must undoubtedly be a mane installed by a real master.

Wigs on set of Kim Kardashian

kim Kardashian wig

She loves to change color and cut, from one day to the next, using different wigs to change from her original look. She also loves driving fans and journalists crazy at public events with new looks, using wigs combined with her outfits.

Bella Hadid: wigs on set

Bella Hadid wig on set

On set or at social parties, we have often seen her wearing a wig. Her angelic face and her iconic style, allow her to wear anything.

Naomi Campbell and wigs on set

Naomi met gala wig

Queen of the catwalk, rarely doesn’t wear one. Her iconic hair look is the result of a careful and rigorous installation by a professional. Long and smooth hair, with a central line or fringe, so perfect.

Rihanna: wigs on set

Rihanna and wigs on set

She loves to wear wigs on any occasion, from carnival parties in Barbados, to the sets of the most famous music videos, up to the Grammys or the photo shoots of her brands.

Katy Perry and wigs on set

Katy Perry fluo wig

She loves wigs! Her iconic Pop style is addicted to the use and she certainly doesn’t let them escape. Video clips, Grammys, photo shoots, live shows and social life. Rainbow colors and fluffy pleats. Impossible not to notice!

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