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Braided hair extension: non-damaging application method

Braided extensions is a hairstyle usually done at home as there are very few hair salons offering this service. For long and voluminous hair dreamers this is certainly the least invasive and natural method – as well as a practical and versatile solution to get a beautiful hair look without any effort.

Weft extensions are hair strands sewn into the natural hair though a small horizontal braid – used as a basis for sewing stitches.

Being a rather particular practice – consisting in braiding and replacing natural hair with extensions – it is highly recommended to rely on experts.

extension weft application

The braid protects and repairs our hair from external agents such as smog, atmospheric agents and heat sources, keeping it healthy.

An important advantage of weft extensions is that they allow us to change our look very often, without drastic and aggressive treatments damaging our hair – such as lightening, coloring and other permanent treatments. Once applied, the extensions can be treated exactly like our hair.

We recommend avoiding washing your hair upside down and every day. Instead, brush the strands often and gently and use detangling products such as shampoo, conditioner and liquid crystals to hydrate the extensions that – un like our natural hair – do not receive the nourishment directly from the scalp.

Brushing direction is very important too: hair extensions should never be combed from the roots to the ends but only from mid-length to the ends, holding the locks firmly in your hand to prevent the brush from getting stuck and removing the extensions.

After shampooing do not vigorously rub your hair but gently pat it dry and wrap it in a towel.

weft extension

The best solution would be to rely on a professional at least once a month for maintenance to prevent your hair from tangling or creating knots with the extensions. Weft hair extensions duration depends on your hair regrowth – generally rang ing from 4 to 6 months. To remove them it is necessary to contact a professional.

Used hair strands can be reused and – being real hair – they can be colored at will. This method is suitable for all colors and all types hair – straight, frizzy, curly.

However, once the braids are untied, the extensions tend to fall all at the same time – having been braided for a long time. This is due to the daily physiological hair loss occurring every day.

braided extension

The prices usually vary according to the length and quality of the hair used. Generally, sewn extensions are cheaper than keratin or adhesive extensions but the labor cost for the application is still high being hand-stitched.

About the duration, weft extensions can be maintained as long as natural regrowth allows it. This method is very safe, it does not damages our hair and the final effect is almost identical to the classic extensions one.

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