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How to choose a wig: types and prices

No longer just a glamorous accessory to be used on the stage, wigs are the new fashion trend. These days a very few people is able to distinguish them from real hair, proofing the impressive progress this industry has achieved. Nonetheless a lot of women have several types of wigs in their wardrobe.

How many types of wigs are available on the market?

There is the day-wig, the evening-wig, the gym-wig etc. Fashion experts com-pare the new success of “wearable hair” to the eyeglasses boom. 

A pair of branded lenses – softening the features or rejuvenating the face – are a style statement which consumers are ready to spend a lot of money for. And now, so it happens with the hair. 

How much for a wig?

The market offers various price ranges: from precious customized real hair wigs to the standard ones – even to the synthetic types, extremely cheap. 

There are wigs to suit all tastes. Modern production technology has made them light and comfortable – nothing to do with those tight and suffocating helmets from the past.

Nicki Minaj with a pink wig

The wig as a worldwide phenomenon, for all ages and styles?

Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj contributed greatly to the success that electric blue or shocking pink long hair have achieved in teen-agers instagrammable evenings. It has become a style statement – as wearing a hat. 

On the catwalk, the wig type that suits very young girls is not always appropriate for career women, mothers who have to take their children to school or grandmothers going to have tea with her friend.

Yet the trend of having some stock wigs crosses all the female universe.

We saw it on the catwalks: from Louis Vitton to Moschino, from Marc Jacobs to Chanel, the top models have often worn identical wigs to give a sense of unity to a collection.

Former supermodel Christie Brinkley, like actress Raquel Welch, has a very convincing explanation: “You take them from your closet and you get elegant and glamorous in just a second“.

Seventies wig and hairstyle for actress Raquel Welch

Choose between different types of wigs

And not only: as Welch said, “(…)you  can wear a wig with the same style as you – if you don’t have time to wash your hair or to style it – or you can change your style completely, make experiments with different colors or try another haircut without making irrevo-cable choices.”

Let’s get to the heart of the matter and understand how to choose the wig that best suits our needs among the various types on the market:

Full lace wig

The hair is hand-inserted one by one on a transparent lace extending over the entire cap to look like a real scalp. 

This type of wigs are handcrafted with the mono-filament technique, which consists of a transparent filament braided to create a base on which to tie the hair.

Mono-fiber wigs guarantee a more natural effect as they let the skin of the scalp to show through. 

This processing technique also makes the wig more breathable, more comfort-able and lighter, particularly suitable for those who have to wear it for medical problems – such as alopecia or chemotherapy.

Finally, monofilament wigs are easier to comb as it is possible to part the hair wherever you want. For this kind of wigs, prices are high as the craftsmanship takes months of time. 

Front lace wig

The transparent lace layer covers only the front part of the cap guaranteeing a natural look only to the front side of the wig.

Frontal-lace wigs are on the market at a competitive price, compared to the 360 ° or full lace ones – as the handmade monofilament workmanship is limited only to the front part of the wig.

360° full lace wig

The transparent lace layer extends completely over the wig. The hair is hand-sewn to create an effect as natural as possible.

The transparent tulle reveals the skin and recreate the loose effect of natural hair making the wig hairline almost invisible. This type of wig is the right compromise to obtain a natural effect without spending too much money. 

Still doubts about the right wig? Need some advice?

Wigs are ideal for saving time and for changing your look without damaging your hair. They are also suitable for all types of hair styling – dyeing, bleaching, straightening and other treatments.

Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston has been wearing a wig with the new cut for a few days before moving definitely from long, spiky-tipped hair to short chin-length hair – just to see if she wanted to change her haircut. She worn a short and black “bob” wig too for “We’re the Millers” movie.

But that one was just too different from her image. Even if she enjoyed it during the shoot, she chose to return to her honey-colored hair at the and of it.


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