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How to buy hair extensions online

To buy hair extensions online, you must first consider the type of hair we have and the result we want to achieve.

Thanks to hair extensions you can invent a new look, changing color, cut or simply lengthening and thickening our hair.

There are different application techniques for the different types of extensions, depending on the duration and type of change we want.

Starting from our hair: we find European hair, which tend to be light, smooth or at most wavy, with a medium thickness; African hair usually very dark curly, fine and frizzy, if not perm with specific products and finally Asian and South American hair that are both very dark, thick, smooth or wavy.

An ethically conscious company, chooses the hairto produce hai extensions, also based on these characteristics. Thus avoiding to treat the hair chemically, changing its structure or color. This method certainly determines a higher quality of the product and a longer life.

To buy 100% real hair extensions, virgins and high quality, you must ensure that the description does not include the words Human Hair, because in this case, it is products of mediocre quality, chemically treated with silicones, that alter its structure.

real hair extension

This type of hair generally should not be colored or straightened (only in some cases and up to a certain temperature) and their duration is rather short, as at each wash, the silicone tends to discharge.

The best quality hair are Virgin Remy, Double Drawn or Single Drawn. Virgin, means never chemically treated, Remy is the guarantee for the maintenance of the root-tip direction, during production and assembly. Double Drawn, means that the extensions contain hair of the same length, full and thick, from the roots to the tips, Single Drawn when they end in ponytail, as happens in the natural hair regrowth.

How to buy hair extensions online:

Weft extensions

This type of extensions are used mostly by people with curly, fine and frizzy hair, but also by those who have smooth hair but is looking for a natural result. Weft extensions are strips of hair, which are sewn on a fabric weft, which is hand-sewn on our natural hair, using a small horizontal braid, which serves as the basis for the stitches.

In this way our hair is braided and totally replaced by the hair extensions. It is possible to play with cuts, colors and textures different from our natural hair. They can be used several times and the duration depends on the regrowth. Usually we need two or three bundles of extensions and the work of a professional.

Learn more here: braid with extension – the technique of application that does not ruin the hair

Clip-in extensions

The clip-in extensions allow us to play with our hair quickly and easily, adding volume, length or special reflections to our hair for a completely natural result, in complete autonomy. You wear them in the morning and you take them off at night.

Thanks to a quick application that does not require the intervention of a hairdresser, in a few minutes we are able to create the look of dreams. In this case we will have to choose the extensions according to our color and our natural texture. The set of extension clip, is ideal for lengthening and thickening and contains 5 strips of different size, to be placed in strategic points of the head; on the nape, at the height of the ears and eyes.

Micro Ring

The micro ring system allows you to apply the extensions using hypoallergenic special rings, without the use of adhesive substances and requires the work of a professional. The cold application allows you to easily fix and remove extensions and reuse them several times.

Duration depends on hair regrowth. Also in this case the result is very natural and you need to choose the extensions based on the characteristics of our hair. They are sold in packages of 50 or 100 grams depending on the fill you want to get.

Tape-in extensions

These professional extensions are suitable for those who need to change their hairstyle frequently; they allow you to achieve very easily a semi-permanent lengthening, greatly reducing the time of application. Made with a strip of ultra-flat polyurethane and water resistant, should be placed directly on the root of the hair, are resistant to washing and brushing up to about 6/8 weeks.

The tape-in extensions are applied like a sandwich: an adhesive should be placed under the lock of natural hair while the other should be placed above, so as to close the hair between the two stickers. Excellent to stretch or thicken, they must be chosen according to the characteristics of our hair.

Keratin extensions

The keratin extensions, are used mostly by traditional hairdressers and represent perhaps the type most known and used. Thanks to this method, performed by a professional hairdresser, small strands of hair are hot fixed with keratin, a protein that heated with a special tool, melts and adheres to natural hair.

To cover an entire crown, 100 to 150 strands each from 1 gram are needed. This type of hair extensions is certainly the most expensive, because in addition to the cost of the product itself, you have to take into account the work of the professional: a complete application provides from 3 to 4 hours of work.

Keratin extensions, if applied in the correct way, can last about 4 months. You have to choose the color and texture in reference to your natural hair.

The application of extensions is a kind of art and as we have seen, there are different techniques and types suitable for every type of hair. is the first brand, made in Italy, dedicated to the exclusive sale of hair extension & wigs.

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