Kim Kardashian braid


Braided Ponytail Extension

The braided ponytail extension is everywhere, and for obvious reasons! The ponytail gives a type of instant face lift and looks impeccable in every occasion. In the case of the braided ponytail, instead of letting the hair flow freely, the lengths are braided to play with any type of texture and nuance, based on the look we want to create.

We have selected inspirational looks to create a braided ponytail extension or to show as a reference to your stylist. See down below some amazing braided ponytails.

High butt-lenght braided ponytail

Beyonce braid

The Beyoncé’s high butt-lenght braided ponytail,  made by his personal hair stylist Neal Farinah, deserves itself a grammy, this ponytail is simply iconic. This braided ponytail is very easy to make with the Braid Ponytail Extension of Miss Luxury Hair, in light brown color.

Braid ponytail

Gigi Hadid chooses to keep the braided ponytail simple and clean, without adding extra length with some hair extensions. The secret is to apply hair gel on hands and directly on the base of the ponytail.

Low braid floor length

Ponytails have no length limits. This braided ponytail by Megan The Stallion proves just that. Add some braiding string to create the wavy curl effect.

Jumbo ponytail

To create a jumbo ponytail like that of Nicole Scherzinger, it is necessary to have a very tight and clean base. The secret is to use the elastic with two ends and keep out a piece of lose hair to wrap around the base of your ponytail.

Multi-braid ponytail

Add many and small braids inside a high ponytail, like Normani to give a new life to this beloved hairstyle. It’s possible to take everything to another level, adding elastic bands or colored beads, to close the braids.

Jumbo side ponytail

Kelly rowland braid

High or low is really the same, the braided ponytail will raise the level of your style in every occasion.

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